Pack Clothes Perfectly for Your Move

Packing Tips

June 20th, 2022

Moving to a new house is a stressful time, use some of these clothes packing tips to make it just a little bit easier. With all the planning you need to do, transportation to organize and days off work to take, you are going to be very busy. Use the following tips to make your packing simpler.
Sort it Out
A good place to start when packing up clothing is to take some time to sift through your wardrobe. Donating items that no longer fit or just are not part of your style any longer is a great way to clear some space out. Separate your clothing into keep, throw away and donate piles. Taking time to do this prior to packing will not only create more space for things you really want and make the packing process easier; it will also mean there is less to sort through when you get to your place!

Clean it Up

The smell of clean laurdy cannot be beat! Before packing up be sure your clothing is freshly laundered, this will make it ready for packing. Opening a musty smelling box of clothes in a brand new living space is not something you will want to do, so taking the extra step to wash all clothing prior to the big move is something you want to do. Popping some scented sachets or dryer sheets into your clothing boxes can give a boost of freshness as well! Ironing and pressing your clothes before packing can ensure they will be wear ready when pulling them out again. Pressed clothes also help save on space, you can squeeze much more into those boxes and bags.

Professional or Party?

When deciding how to organize your clothing for packing, we like to think about the unpacking job later. Do some separating of your wardrobe into categories; maybe all your gym clothes can fit together in a box, and all work clothes can be bundled together. You could organize your clothing by occasion; formal wear, work clothes and weekend fun clothes or you could choose to put all jeans together separately from tops. Thinking about how you may like to unpack would be a good way to know which is right for youWhen you get to your new property you can pack away your wardrobe with ease and be ready for an evening out to explore because everything is ready and organized.

Keep Hangers On
A great option to save time as well as keep your garments protected is to wrap clothing individually with garbage bags. This is a great option for keeping clothing clean and ready to wear upon arrival. Leave your hanging clothing on the hangers and slide the garbage bag up the clothing and wrap the plastic tightening straps on the tops of the hangers.Do you have dry cleaning bags stored anywhere? This is a great reuse for those!

Got Luggage?
Do you have luggage bags for vacations? Luggage is typically very strong and are already intended to be able to get clothing from place to place. Putting your favorite vacation luggage to another use by filling with your wardrobe is a great way to make the most of your move. Using your luggage for neatly folded clothing such as t-shirts and sweaters will easily fit into place. Luggage is also a great choice for off-season items. If you are moving in the height of summer you may want to pack winter clothing in a suitcase since you will not have to unpack that right away.

Label Everything
Now that you have organized your clothes and packed them away in their assigned boxes, it's a good idea to label them. Labeling will allow other people to help you in your move but place boxes where they actually need to go. There are a few different ways to choose labels. Label boxes by room, person or type - labeling by room is our personal preference. When packing children’s items if they are old enough it is a good idea to allow them some responsibility for getting their boxes to their new room, this let’s them help with the moving process in a way they are able.

Moving Clothes Stay Out
A vital tip is to ensure you set aside clothes for your moving day. You have so much going on with the checklist of the move it is extremely easy to wake up the morning of the move and have nothing to wear! Comfortable clothes are a must! Throw on those gym clothes or comfiest jeans and baggy tee that can get a little dirty for your move. Keeping a dirty laundry basket unpacked may be a good idea to toss your clothes from the night before it.
Ready to tackle that process of packing clothes for a move? Take on our tips and you'll find it much easier to manage. If you need a storage unit to house any belongings in between properties, be sure to rent online today!