Tips for Tailgating

Tailgate Tips

August 23rd, 2022

School has started and that means sporting events are soon to follow. Self Storage New Mexico is here to help get your game on! With great tips for a successful tailgate season!
Before we get to the events, do you have enough space to store your tailgating equipment? Self Storage New Mexico offers clean and affordable self storage units that will fit your needs. With our drive-up storage units it will make loading and unloading your vehicle a breeze for each party.
Now that you have secured your storage unit and your gear has a home let’s talk about food! When you tailgate, having enough food and drinks for everyone is really important. You will want to get coolers to keep beverages cold all day long! Make your grocery list after you get a headcount and stick to it. We suggest disposable items to eat on and with so you do not have to worry about dishes.
Grilling may be the easiest option for your tailgate if you have someone to man the grill that is. Some party people opt for a catered tailgate to simplify things. Burgers, hotdogs, and chips can go a long way and can make for a successful party.
Be sure everyone has a seat, ask everyone to bring their own chair and set up under a tent. This will keep everyone cool and comfortable while watching the game.
A fantastic tailgate concept is to provide guests with outdoor games to play! This gives your tailgating visitors something to do before and during the game. Consider how much space you have at your tailgating site so you know what kinds of activities you'll have room for. Cornhole, horseshoes, and massive Jenga are all popular tailgate games.
A tailgate party is hardly complete without some tunes! By connecting a portable Bluetooth speaker, you can not only set the mood but keep your guests engaged. Think about curating a playlist with your favorite team's fight song, game day classics, and more. Alternatively, you could bring an outdoor radio so everyone can listen to the broadcast of the game while still being able to chat and eat simultaneously.
Get into the team spirit by decorating your tailgate vehicle and space with your favorite pro or college sports team colors. Show your support by hanging flags, garland, balloons, and letter boards in their colors. And don't forget to have some fun yourself by wearing a jersey or putting on face paint!

If you require somewhere to store tailgate gear in between games or during the off season, look no further. Self Storage New Mexico offers self storage facilities near you where you may safely keep your belongings! Call us today or rent your space online.