Military Vehicle Storage

Vehicle Storage Tips

April 28th, 2022

If you're in the military and have to store your car for an extended period, there are several options available to you. You can keep it at home, on base, or even rent a storage unit. Any of these choices has its own set of pros and cons that we'll go over below!

The most obvious option is to keep your car at home. This can be free or very cheap, depending on your living situation. You'll just need to find a spot to park it and make sure it's covered or in a garage if possible. The downside of this is that you'll have to rely on someone else to take care of it while you're gone. If you don't have a trusted friend or family member who can do this, it's probably not the best option.

- No additional cost
- If inside a garage, good weather protection
- Friends or Family could have the vehicle serviced for you
- You have immediate access to your vehicle
- Works for short and long term deployment

- Your family needs garage space your vehicle will be in the way
- May not be in the best condition upon homecoming if no one was able to help maintain it
- If left in the driveway possibility of damages or theft
- Possibility to incur fines from a homeowners association
- No protection from weather conditions or pests

Another possibility is to keep your car on base. This can be a good option if you're only going to be deployed for a short period of time. You'll just need to check with your base's regulations to see if this is an option for you. If you are deployed for a longer period of time, or if you're not sure when you'll be able to come back, then self storage might be a better option for you. That way, you can keep your car off base and avoid having to pay for long-term parking.

- You will have access to your vehicle as soon as you return from deployment
- Sometimes this option is free or at a low cost
- On base can be a more secure option

- Family and friends could not use or service your vehicle
- Possibility to be exposed to weather conditions and pests
- Parking on base is not guaranteed

For military personnel, renting an uncovered parking spot at a self storage facility is a cost-effective alternative. While your automobile would be kept outside in a guarded lot with this vehicle storage approach, these spaces are frequently bigger, making them ideal for SUVs and trucks, as well as recreational vehicles such as trailers and boats. If you are only storing your vehicle for a short period of time, this can be a great option.

- Very common and affordable
- Able to accommodate vehicles of all sizes
- Typically storage facilities use video surveillance and electronic gates for access
- Some facilities will offer military discounts

- No protection from weather conditions
- Possibility that your vehicle will be quite far from home or base
- Monthly rental payments for storage space

Covered parking spaces are just like any other outdoor parking spot, except that they come with a roof to shelter your car. This is a better option to help shelter your vehicle from some inclement weather.


- Storage facilities offer video surveillance and electronic gates for more secured storage options
- Provides better coverage from weather conditions than an uncovered space
- Storage space can accommodate a wide range of vehicles
- Self storage facilities may offer military discounts

- Some exposure to weather conditions
- Monthly rental payments for your storage space

Self storage facilities offer a number of indoor vehicle units that are garage-like and ideal for keeping small vehicles like automobiles and motorcycles. Because this vehicle storage option provides greater protection, it's perfect for both short-term and long-term storing needs.


- Indoor vehicle storage often offers a variety of size options
- Space provide better protection from weather conditions and pests
- Storage facility often offers security measures such as video surveillance and electronic gate entry
- Military discount may be offered


- Monthly storage space rental payments
- This may be the more expensive storage solution, although it is the most secure option typically

If you are in need of an easy military storage solution, Self Storage New Mexico offers several storage unit options. We are here to help make moving to a new base or deployment as stress free as possible. Find the perfect unit for you online or give us a call to chat with our storage expert managers today.