Choosing the Perfect Unit

Self Storage Tips

April 6th, 2022

Many people find themselves in need of a storage unit at some point in their lives, whether they are moving, renovating their home, or simply have too much stuff. But how can you be sure to select the right storage unit for your needs? This process doesn't have to be complicated. Self Storage New Mexico has a guide that will help you through the steps of finding the best storage unit for your situation.

Determine what size unit you need. This will be based on the amount of stuff you need to store. If you are unsure, it is always better to err on the side of a larger unit, as you can always pack it more tightly if needed. Common things we hear from our customers are “I need the biggest unit you have” or “Give me your cheapest unit.” This is typically not the way to go when choosing the correct size for your storage unit.

Some questions to ask yourself prior to deciding what unit is best are:
How often will you need to access your items?
Will I need to add items to my storage unit?
What are the largest items I need to store?
Can I stack my items to use more space?

Once you have an idea of what you are storing it will be easier to start packing. When packing for your storage unit be sure to place items in labeled containers and boxes. You will want to make sure your containers and boxes are sturdy so you can stack items as needed. Being able to use the height in your storage unit could save you a little on cost, you may think you need more space than you actually do.

Deciding on what type of self storage you need is the next task to tackle. Climate controlled storage units are ideal for storing items that could be damaged by extreme temperatures. If you're storing things like electronics or furniture, this is the best option. Climate controlled self storage units are standardly inside of a building, you will more than likely need to use carts, dollies, stairs, and or elevators to access your unit.

Standard self storage units are great in regions that do not see extreme temperature changes. Standard units can be inside of a building as well or a drive-up storage unit. Drive-up self storage units are convenient as they allow you to pull right up with your vehicle and make unloading your items a breeze! Deciding what items you will be storing will help you make the decision as to what kind of storage you need as well. If you are storing a lot of antiques, wood furniture, or instruments it is a good idea to opt for a climate controlled unit if you are planning to store long term.

Your timeline for your self storage unit can be important. Self Storage New Mexico, like most self storage facilities, offers month-to-month contracts to provide flexibility to our customers. With simple online rentals and payments you can decide each month how much longer you will need your unit and you will not be trapped into a long term contract.

If you need assistance choosing your self storage unit or type of unit, Self Storage New Mexico is here to help! We have a storage calculator available and our storage expert managers are just a phone call away. Reach out NOW to get the perfect storage unit for your needs.