Autumn Assessment: 6 Tips for Organizing your Storage Unit

September 28th, 2022

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning but what about taking an autumn assessment? With the change of season, it’s a perfect time to assess your stuff. With a little bit of cleaning and organizing you can easily clear up some extra space in your storage unit. Here are a 6 tips to do your own autumn assessment:
1. Take Inventory
Pull out big items or boxes from your unit so you have room to see everything that's inside.
2. Clear the Clutter
Get rid of clutter, trash, and items that you no longer have use for. This will help open up what items need to be organized.
3. Organize Your Items
Organize items into three categories. (1) items you want to keep in storage, (2) items to take back to your home, and (3) items to discard by donation, sale, or trash.
4. Box and Label
If you have a lot of loose items, consolidate them by category (example: kitchen supplies, bedroom knick knacks, etc) and store those items in a box. Don’t forget to label what’s inside the box for easy finding when you need those items in the future. If you have other boxes in your unit that are not labeled, take a peek inside. If they are items you want to keep, clearly label them.
5. Seasonal Swaps
Take any fall or winter items out of your unit and replace them with summer items you are no longer using at home.
6. Reorganize Your Layout
As you place items back into your storage unit, group them by category (example: bedrooms, kitchen, outdoor supplies, tools, etc.). If possible, leave a small walkway so items are easily accessible in the future. If your unit is packed full, place least important items in the back and most important in the front.
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